J Model Management Fashion Show – by Dan Wilson

Taken by Dan Wilson

Taken by Dan Wilson

Taken by Dan Wilson
Taken by Dan Wilson

Saturday night was no ordinary night at Oceana this week.  The club was transformed into a fashion fanatic’s paradise as part of the J Model Management (JMM) showcase.

Director and photographer, Jessica Minh Anh, led the way down the catwalk in an array of outstanding dresses in the annual ‘J Fashion Show’ held on Saturday October 17.

Presenting Birmingham’s top up and coming model, ten contestants strutted their stuff down the catwalk to impress the judges.

Faced with the chance to win a photo shoot with a professional photographer, dinner for two and a portfolio shoot, the competition heated up as three distinguished fashion styles were tackled.

The first centred on a relaxed contemporary High Street fashion, which appeared to be a mixture of every day High Street trends with an added zing from each stylist.  Every outfit suited each model’s unique style and individuality.

Next came the much awaited swimwear section, which judging by the audience’s whooping and hollering, was most of the audience’s most favourite part.  Beach bodies, fresh from the chisel of Michelangelo himself, adorned the stage, strutting their stuff up and down the catwalk. 

Contestants couldn’t be shy though walking in pieces more suitable for a blazing hot beach, yet I felt considerably sympathetic towards the male model that braved us all in his black Speedos, sunglasses and wellington boots.

The show carried on to showcase J M M model’s styles.  Beginning with affordable street fashion, such as Puma, Henley’s, Converse and Adidas, the lack of high end street fashion, such as Armani, D & G, and Louis Vuitton, became more evident. 

Taken by Dan Wilson

Taken by Dan Wilson

Taken by Dan Wilson

Taken by Dan Wilson

It was the perfect show if you want to know what’s hot and what’s not in the world of student fashion.  Yet, in reflection, it came across as a regurgitated 80’s youth fashion scene with men in straight legged, solid coloured jeans, tops, trainers and flat-peak caps in bright acid colours.

Yet somehow it all seemed to work.  You will be catching me in one of the above in the near future.

Women were similarly dressed; dark, skin tight jeans accompanied by acid coloured polo shirts and other bright tops.  Covering the toes were Converse All Stars or plimsolls co-ordinated with an item above them.

Picking up from the trends on stage, we all need some form of fitted jeans and Converse trainers.  To stay ‘uber cool’, a candy shop colour tee and accessorise with colour co-ordination is a must.

Men – a flat peak, trainers and a hoody.

Women – a brightly coloured bag, earrings and shoes.

Just make it match! It’s all about bold acid colour statements.

 The final part was a seasonal section. With Halloween creeping closer the models were seen in Halloween themed garments. They even acted as if they were putting up a show with little taunts sprinkled into their catwalk runs.

Taken by Dan Wilson

Taken by Dan Wilson

It was a very good show appealing to all audiences by covering all areas of contemporary fashion; casual, high street, ballroom and swimwear.

Don’t be fooled though.  A reincarnation of the London Fashion show is way off the cards, but it could be very soon.

This is a must see event if you’re a student that likes fashion or thinks there ‘trendy’, especially when rounded off with a DJ set.

4 thoughts on “J Model Management Fashion Show – by Dan Wilson

  1. Hey Im the model In the top left Photograph on the right hand side. I was wondering whether you could send me that photo and others you might possibly have of me? Thanks x

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